About Scomi Energy Services

Offshore Support Services

Scomi Energy Services’ highly skilled team of professionals have provided services to most major offshore oil and gas areas in Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and the Middle East. Through this, we have gained over 30 years of experience in nearly all aspects of offshore support services.

Our offshore support services division provides vessels to the oil and gas industry to support operations such as:

Anchor Handlings, Positioning and Mooring of Drilling Rigs

We assist in towing, setting up and mooring of FPSO/FSO platforms to oil well locations. We position the anchors of the platforms, at the drilling location of oil production.

Towing of Rigs

We tow and moor rigs offshore to the exact locations based on the given coordinates. We assist in the demobilisation of rigs after completion of drilling operations and towing the rigs.

Transportation of Fuel, Drilling Fluids, Cement, Drilling Pipes and others

We transport bulk cargo which are required for the drilling operations and deck cargo such as pipes, equipment and spares. We also transport personnel between platforms by providing two-way transportation between shores and rigs during crew changes. Other necessities such as food, beverages and grocery supplies are transported by our vessels as well.

Offshore Accommodation Facilities

We provide accommodation/work-over barges that have special features to meet the requirements of specific jobs. Their special features include rooms, large deck spaces, high electrical generating capacities, slow controlled speed and varied propulsion thruster configurations; extra berthing facilities and long range capabilities.

Fire Fighting

We provide vessels and crew for standby duties such as fire fighting duties, anti-pollution and prevention measures to react to oil slicks and offshore fires, search and rescue operation when required.


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