Community Service

Our Approach in CR

At Scomi, we fully subscribe to the philosophy that a successful company is defined not only by the achievement of its business goals, but by how well it integrates into the very fabric of society and creating a positive impact on communities that it operates in.

While managing our operations responsibly and effectively, and contributing to social and economic development, we fully recognise that our long-term success depends on the strength of our relationships with the community. We view our corporate social responsibility programmes as a strategic initiative that helps  us manage and create value for our company and the society in general.

Undeniably, communities hold our franchise to operate, and we need their resources, infrastructure, markets, and workforce to thrive. In fact, we owe them our integrity, and our ability to offer jobs and community support. In line with this, we are actively involved in various causes that benefit the community, either by providing financial support, our expertise, or other resources whenever the opportunity presents itself. We contribute either directly through our employees, customers, and suppliers, in our plants, and through our many non-profit partners around the world.

Scomi, through its corporate social responsibility programmes, touches the lives of thousands of people every day in the community



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